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WILDSTUFF was originally created in 2014 by Probo “Obo” Guritno and Adit Berto in Jakarta Indonesia. They attended the same College in Bandung, Indonesia; Obo studied Industrial Design and Adit majored in Geology. After graduation Adit continued his education at the University of Miami, completing his masters degree. Obo worked for several design companies as a product designer, in his free time he continued to create wildlife art. After several years as a product designer, Obo encouraged himself to become self employed and WILDSTUFF was created.

Obo originally created WILDSTUFF to depict his love for animals and to introduce us all to the beauty of local plants and animals. He also wanted to help educate on the importance of knowledge and the respect of venomous animals locally and internationally. Adit was brought on to provide marketing for WILDSTUFF, together they have created a successful business.

Obo’s art and WILDSTUFF products were noticed by Ryan Vince, a published Canadian Photographer and reptile enthusiast. Ryan approached Obo and Adit with the proposition to expand WILDSTUFF into North America. As a reptile and fish keeper for 15+ years, Ryan saw a niche market that was not being satisfied in North America. Obo, Adit and Ryan agreed to go into business together in 2016; Adit and Obo continuing to manage the Asian market and Ryan, managing the North American Market.

Together the WILDSTUFF team hopes to provide superb quality products and a vast amount of knowledge to Asia, North America and the rest of the world.

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